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Will PM Turnbull be Good for Cleantech Confidence?
Not just environmental investors but most of Australia breathed a huge sigh of relief when prime minister Tony Abbott departed the job, but will prime minister Malcolm Turnbull be better for the environment, for environmental investors and for environmental innovators? Can Turnbull give back to cleantech the mojo it had under John Howard and Kevin Rudd? More

Pharmaceuticals in the Environment
A less well known and under-researched aspect of the chemicals in the environment issue is pharmaceuticals and drugs in the environment, yet the problem is growing, especially in larger cities. In July the ABC reported that significant levels of strong painkillers and anti-depressants were found in tests on water samples from 30 sites around stormwater outlets in Sydney Harbour and the entire estuary. More
Many Sectors Worse Off Than Cleantech
For several years environmental investors have been smarting over the Government's sabotage of the cleantech sector, but government risk is only one of many risks faced by investors and the cleantech sector is far from alone in having big problems. Even sectors with strong government support are facing huge issues and their investors have lost billions and may lose more. More

The Pope Supports Environmentally Positive Investments
The Pope has shown himself to be a strong supporter of ethical and environmentally positive investment principles as a way of solving the world's many environmental problems and making humanity's place and role on the Earth sustainable. More
Investing in Home Energy Efficiency
Over the past two years I've put in several big and fairly costly energy efficiency measures into our home and I'm now in a position to start evaluating how well they have worked and if they were good investments. How well they have worked is clear - our family's annual gas usage has fallen a massive 94 per cent. More

Video: Interview with Damien Lynch, managing director of August Investments
Eco Investor editor Victor Bivell interviews Damien Lynch, Australia's most experienced environmental investor, about environmental investment in Australia. View Here

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Core Securities
Gale Pacific Strategy Working
Gale Pacific's restructuring appears to be working with the company upgrading its earnings guidance for the first half and in response its shares hit a one year high of 30 cents. The new guidance is profit before tax of between $2.75 and $3.25 million with the full year profit before tax expected to be weighted to the second half when growth on the previous corresponding half is also expected. More
Can Beacon Lighting Sustain its High Growth Rate?
Beacon Lighting is Australia's leading lighting retailer with 78 company-owned stores and 13 franchised stores around the country. The company is focused upon the middle to upper residential market segments with 90 per cent of its products designed, manufactured under licence and distributed in-house. The company has grown quickly in recent years... More

Ingenia to Consolidate Securities
Ingenia is looking to make itself more attractive to institutions and other investors through a share consolidation, while its active acquisitions strategy is continuing to add to its medium and long term investment profile. Ingenia is to ask security holders to approve a one for six security consolidation. Ingenia is hoping for a longish list of benefits. More
Can Energy Action Regain its Earnings Growth Profile?
Energy Action appeared to be a true growth stock for the first two years on the ASX but more recently Energy Action has been an under-performer as the market has questioned the company's long term earnings growth prospects. We investigate the company's earnings growth prospects at this time of uncertainty. More
Record Results for Beacon Lighting
After a strong rise, Beacon Lighting's share price has been trending sideways since February, despite achieving record sales and record profits in 2014-15. The company said the results were driven by strong sales growth, solid gross profit growth and expense productivity gains. More
Sims Result Well Received
Sims Metal Management saw its share price jump $1.71 or 18 per cent when it announced a solid profit for 2014-5 of $110 million, reversing the prior loss of $89 million. More

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Speculative Securities
No Luck for Geodynamics in Pacific and Desert
All of Geodynamics' geothermal energy projects including the two key projects in the South Pacific and the Habanero Project in the Cooper Basin are on hold and unlikely to make further progress in the near term. Writing in the company's annual report, chairman Keith Spence and managing director Geoff Ward say that the commercial conditions to progress the Pacific geothermal projects are weak. More
Greenearth Energy Raises $3 Million
Greenearth Energy has raised $3 million through a placement at 8 cents per share to professional and sophisticated investors. The capital is to fund growth of its energy efficient lighting business Vivid Industrial and to finalize the ownership structure of its one third owned subsidiary NewCO2Fuels. Vivid Industrial provides intelligent lighting to industry scale facilities with proven savings of over 80 per cent. More
Orocobre's Environmental Impact
With its Olaroz lithium project in Argentina ramping up to full production, Orocobre has put out a statement showing that the project has "a very low environmental footprint". More
Game-Changing Contract for Phoslock Water Solutions
Phoslock Water Solutions has talked about its hopes to land some big contracts and has now done so with a consortium that has won a $10 million contract. Chairman Laurence Freedman said the deal is a game-changer for Phoslock. More

Third Acquisition for HRL
HRL Holdings is undertaking its third acquisition in one year, with the target being AAC Environmental Pty Ltd, an ACT based environmental services and hazardous materials analytical laboratory business. ACC's particular focus on asbestos is relevant in the ACT which is currently an asbestos hotspot due to the well-publicized "Mr Fluffy" loose-fill asbestos insulation demolition program now underway. More
More Delays for AnaeCo
Investors know that commercializing new technology can take much longer than planned and can sometimes seem really hard as new and unexpected problems pop up, and so it is proving to be for AnaeCo and its first municipal waste-to-energy plant. More

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Unlisted Companies
Organic Fast Food Opportunities for Investors
We are all used to seeing the usual junk food shops on our intercity travels but increasingly motorists as well as investors are also likely to see organic fast food shops that want us to park and eat there instead. More

BioCube Raising $3 Million
The developer of a portable and community-sized biodiesel processor called the BioCube has sold its first unit in Africa and is raising $3 million to make more units and take advantage of joint venture opportunities. More
Community Energy Project Extends Offer
A community energy project in the Northern Rivers region of NSW has raised $1.1 million and has extended its offer period to help it reach its target of $3 million. Enova Community Energy Ltd is aiming to be Australia's first community-owned, renewable energy retailer and installation business. More
New Plants for Green Distillation Technologies
Environmentally friendly tyre recycler Green Distillation Technologies (GDT) will soon open its first commercial plant, at Warren in central NSW, and has committed to building a second plant in Tasmania. More
Custom Solar Car on Display
Melbourne electric vehicle technology startup EVX Ventures will exhibit a one quarter scale model of a custom solar sports car at the world's largest automotive speciality parts trade show in Las Vegas. The exhibition is a step to gain exposure and hopefully pre-orders as part of the company's plan to become a maker of bespoke solar powered sports cars for the high net worth market. More
Inventor Offers over 70 Projects for Sale
One of Australia's most prolific inventors, Andy Karpisek, is offering over 70 projects, including some key cleantech projects, for sale due to his age. Mr Karpisek is now 91 years of age and says he will not be here forever. More

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More Trees Help Birds Survive Droughts
Increasing tree cover, particularly on the sides of streams and on floodplains, can help birds to survive during long and severe droughts, says Charles Sturt University ecologist, Dr Dale Nimmo. In a clear message to rural property owners and governments, he says his team's research is timely as climate scientists have observed El Nino is now strengthening to levels not seen since 1997-1998. More

New Town May Be Energy-Independent
An investigation by Brookfield Energy Australia may enable the new Huntlee residential development in the NSW Hunter Valley to be built off-the-grid and powered by renewable energy. Huntlee, developed by LWP Property Group, will be the first new town in the Hunter Valley in 50 years and will house 20,000 new residents in 7,500 homes. More

Solar Harvesting at Royal Botanic Gardens
The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney has installed a 24 kW solar energy system that will provide a quarter of its energy and save it about $7,000 per year. More

Defending Urban Sanctuaries
The Total Environment Centre (TEC) has launched a campaign and a DIY toolkit to help communities defend and preserve Sydney's parks and green spaces a situation which TEC's executive director Jeff Angel says is urgent. More

Office Trust to Make Buildings Sustainable
Real estate fund manager EG Funds Management is establishing an unlisted $400 million wholesale fund with a portfolio of sustainable office buildings and has secured the Clean Energy Finance Corporation as a cornerstone investor for up to $125 million. More


Investing in Home Insulation Saves Money
Australian homes have poor thermal insulation so there is plenty of room for improvement, says Energy Freedom, a group of leading renewable energy and energy efficiency companies and organizations. In fact, Australian homes are among the world's worst. More


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Fixed Interest

Green Bond Guidelines for Real Estate
Guidelines on what constitute green bonds for investors in the real estate sector have been released. While the market in Australia for such bonds is undeveloped at present, local investors may still find the guidelines useful when looking at investments in real estate investment trusts. More

ANZ Bank's First Green Bond
ANZ Bank has raised $600 million in its first green bond, which the bank said is the largest climate related bond so far by an Australian issuer. It was primarily taken up by Australian institutional investors as well as funds in Asia. More


Stockland Issues Corporate Green Bond
Listed property giant Stockland has issued what it says is Australia's first corporate green bond. The proceeds of the EUR 300 million bond will be used to help fund eligible environmentally sustainable retail, commercial, residential and retirement living projects. More

How Interest Rates Affect Fixed Interest Funds
A handy guide to how changes in interest rates will affect the value of a fixed interest fund is the concept of duration. Understanding this idea will help investors to know how much the value of their units could go up or down when official interest rates change. More

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Australian Super Funds Still Lead on Carbon
Australia's Local Government Super fund ranked number one in the world index for pro- actively managing climate risk, says the annual Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) which aims to protect the investments held by the world's largest asset owners from the risks of climate change. More

Super Switch Compares Fossil Fuels in Super
Investors who want to know how exposed their superannuation fund is to fossil fuels or who want to compare super funds' fossil fuel exposure can use the new Super Switch service, which analyzes super fund exposure to the fossil fuel industry through Australian and international shares. More

Fossil Fuel Free Super Fund
Future Super is a new superannuation fund that is claiming to be Australia's first fossil fuel free super fund. Along with this negative screen, it also has a positive screen to fund activities that make a positive impact on the environment and community. More

HESTA Limits Thermal Coal Investments
Joining the growing list of institutional investors reducing their exposure to coal investments is superannuation fund HESTA, which has begun to progressively restrict its investments in thermal coal across all its investment options. More

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International Shares
Turnaround Leads to All Time High
In August the unit price for Australian Ethical's International Share Fund hit an all time high of $1.067. While this is commendable, also noteworthy has been the huge turnaround in the unit price since the Global Financial Crisis when the $1 units were at an all time low of $0.51 To find out about the turnaround, Eco Investor asked the Fund's portfolio manager, Nathan Lim, who took over management of the Fund at this time. More

Ocean Power Technologies Deploys Buoy
The much troubled Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. has begun to make operational progress again with the successful deployment of a PB40 PowerBuoy off the coast of New Jersey on the US east coast. The company said the deployment is its first since late 2013 and is a critical step in its efforts to commercialize its wave energy technology. More

Explosive Growth for Global Renewable Energy
The good news keeps coming for international investors and those who may doubt that the global push to renewables is unstoppable. The Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21StCentury has published a report that shows that global investment in renewables grew six fold in the 10 years from 2004 to 2014. More

First ETF for YieldCos
The first exchange traded fund (ETF) to provide investors with access to yieldcos has been launched by Global X Funds, a New York-based provider of ETFs. The Global X YieldCo Index ETF (Nasdaq: YLCO) aims to provide investment results that generally correspond to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the Indxx Global YieldCo Index. More