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November 2014 edition

Australia Can’t Afford Ideology as Industry Policy
In his introduction to the Coalition Government’s industry policy, the prime minister Tony Abbott says “The guiding principle of the Government’s Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda is to focus on Australia’s strengths, not to prop up poor performers.” But the policy does the opposite. Rather than focus on Australia’s competitive advantages, it is about old-fashioned picking winners. Read More

Climate Activism Gains Momentum
The Federal Government has a siege mentality on climate change that is offensive, bizarre and outrageous, said former Liberal Party leader, John Hewson. Mr Hewson also criticized the Government’s lack of policy on climate change and its strong support for the coal industry. A former employer of current prime minister Tony Abbott, these days Mr Hewson is chairman of the Asset Owners Disclosure Project, and in this capacity he made his comments at the launch of the report “Financed Emission, ‘Unburnable Carbon’ Risk and the Major Australian Banks”...

Initial Public Offering
Huon Aquaculture A Strong Sustainable Food Float
Tasmanian salmon farmer Huon Aquaculture enjoyed a successful entry to the ASX on 23 October with its $4.75 shares opening at $4.95 and finishing their first day still ahead at $4.80. The closing price gave it a market capitalization of $419 million. Huon Aquaculture is a strong addition to the environmental securities on the ASX as the company was established in 1986, is profitable, expects to commence paying dividends next year, and has strong environmental credentials...

Core Securities
Renewable Investment Does Pay
Australian Ethical initiated its investments in both Mighty River Power and Meridian Energy in October 2013. Both of these NZ based utilities offered attractive investment fundamentals as well as providing unique access to utility-scale renewable energy generation...

Two Initiatives from Ethinvest

Australia’s longest established ethical investment adviser, Ethinvest, has celebrated its 25th anniversary with two initiatives: Australian Impact Investments and a Community Impact Fund...

20th Anniversary for Australian Ethical Smaller Companies Trust
The Australian Ethical Smaller Companies Trust has celebrated its 20th anniversary, and achieved first place over 7 years and second place over 10 years in a survey by Mercer comparing all Australian equity funds...

Pre-Dividend Securities
Australian Ethical Invests in Atlantis Resources
The Australian Ethical International Equities Trust, which won Best International Equities award in last month’s Australian Fund Managers Awards, has invested in Atlantis Resources’ tidal stream energy project in Scotland...

Pre-Profit Securities
Air and Water Moves for Clean TeQ
Clean TeQ Holdings and new substantial shareholder Aromatrix Technologies are to merge their Australian air subsidiaries, a move that should maximize the potential of the two businesses and allow Clean TeQ to focus on the water treatment and resource recovery markets. In another move, Clean TeQ is to establish a Chinese joint venture to apply its water treatment technology to China’s growing water crisis...

Pre-Revenue Securities
Carnegie Commercialization to Cost $150 Million
In the next two years the long process of raising capital to fund the development of its wave energy technology may finally come to some sort of an end for Carnegie Wave Energy and its loyal shareholders. In 2016, when Carnegie expects to get its CETO 6 based first commercial project up and running at WA’s Garden Island, it will have spent $150 million developing and commercializing its technology, said managing director and chief executive officer, Michael Ottaviano. Read More

Eco Securities Data
A round-up of the month's highs and lows for environmental share prices, director buying and selling, and movements by substantial shareholders...


Unlisted Companies
NRMA Backs Slingshot for Innovation
The NRMA and Slingshot have jointly launched the Slingshot Jumpstart program to mentor and assist technology entrepreneurs who want to develop a start-up business or scale-up by offering their products and services to NRMA’s massive customer base...

Remotely Monitored Industrial LEDs
A Tasmanian company has developed what it says is the lowest whole-of-life cost industrial LED fitting with advanced LED and several world first features. Read More

Fixed Interest
Stockland Issues Corporate Green Bond
Listed property giant Stockland has issued what it says is Australia’s first corporate green bond. The proceeds of the EUR 300 million bond will be used to help fund eligible environmentally sustainable projects such as the development and redevelopment of green star rated retail, commercial, residential and retirement living projects. Read More

Asbestos Awareness Month
November is Australia’s national Asbestos Awareness Month, a campaign that urges Australians to ‘Get to kNOw Asbestos this NOvember’ and to ‘Stop Playing Renovation Roulette’. At least 1 in 3 Australian homes contain asbestos, and asbestos may be present in any home including brick homes built before 1987. Read More

New Approach to Feral Animals
University of Sydney research suggests a more effective approach to controlling the devastating impact of the feral cat and red fox on Australian native wildlife is to focus control efforts on the large rainfall ‘boom’ events in central Australia...

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October 2014 edition

Core Securities
Ingenia Grows Lifestyle Parks Portfolio
The news that the listed Ingenia Communities Group is withdrawing its takeover proposal for the Aspen Parks Property Fund is disappointing news for investors who prefer their investments to be listed, but on the bright side the proposal has drawn attention to the environmentally positive growth plans of this little known listed accommodation and holiday parks company...

Pre-Dividend Securities
Profit Increase for Endless Solar
Evacuated tubes solar hot water company Endless Solar made a net profit of $433,000 for the year to 30 June, up from $71,000 in 2012-13. Earnings per share were 1.12 cents, up from 0.22 cents. Revenue rose 38 per cent to $1,355,000, of which sale of goods was $785,000, up from $511,000...

Pre-Profit Securities
Another Prawn Farm on Commodity Group’s Barby
Commodities Group has purchased the prawn farming business of Queensland aquaculture company Coral Sea Farms Australia Pty Ltd through its aquaculture subsidiary, Seafarms Group Ltd. The acquisition will increase Commodity Group’s annual production capacity by 25 per cent, and mean that Seafarms will represent over 30 per cent of Australian production. Read More

Commercialization Timeline for Leaf Resources
Leaf Energy has completed its name change to Leaf Resources, and issued a timeline for the commercialization of its Glycell technology for converting waste biomass to green chemicals and products.

Pre-Revenue Securities
Hot Rock Completes OCTIEF Acquisition
Hot Rock has completed the acquisition of OCTIEF Pty Ltd, giving the company a new and profitable focus as an environmental services company. The initial consideration to the vendors was the issue of 320,754,355 shares, which is 50 per cent of the total maximum consideration. Hot Rock will issue more shares on satisfaction of identified milestones.

Eco Securities Data
A round-up of the month's highs and lows for environmental share prices, director buying and selling, and movements by substantial shareholders. It also includes the quarterly Cash Positions of Speculative Environmental Stocks...

Unlisted Companies
Top Five Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Platforms
Solarplaza and the upcoming Renewable Energy Crowd Funding Conference in London have published a list of the top five renewable energy crowdfunding platforms in the world based on the money they have raised so far. Read More

Industry Focus
Secretary of State Supports Sustainable Food
The sustainable seafood sector has been receiving strong support from what for some may be an unexpectedly high power quarter - US Secretary of State and former US presidential candidate, John Kerry. On numerous occasions between helping to solve the world’s most pressing political and military issues, Mr Kerry has found time to lend his support and increase awareness about protecting the oceans and the need for sustainable seafood. Read More

International Shares
Old Oil Money Divests Fossil Fuel Investments
In one of the nicest investment ironies for some time, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, a charity which gained its initial money from oil, has begun to divest its investments in fossil fuels. It has joined the World Council of Churches and other major investors who have joined the growing Global Divest/Invest Coalition, which says its 800 members now hold over US$50 billion in assets...

Commercial Solar Saves Business Millions
Over 15,000 Australian businesses have now installed solar power to reduce their energy bills, and there is the potential for tens of thousands more to follow suit if the Renewable Energy Target (RET) is left as legislated, says the Clean Energy Council.

Sea Level Refugees in Latin America

Indigenous people from Panama are being forced to flee their homes as a result of rising sea levels, says a report by international NGO, Displacement Solutions. “The Guna people are already being displaced in Panama as a result of climate change. This is the first documented case of an indigenous group in Latin America being forced to relocate as a result of rising sea levels,” said Scott Leckie, Displacement Solutions’ executive director.

Fixed Interest
US Clean Energy Victory Bonds
US investors have launched a campaign to have the US Treasury issue Clean Energy Victory Bonds to support clean energy in the US....

Fossil Fuel Free Super Fund
Future Super is a new superannuation fund that is claiming to be Australia’s first fossil fuel free super fund. As well as this negative screen, it also has a positive screen, saying it aims to provide members with a strong return while funding activities that make a positive impact on the environment and community....

And many more stories...

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