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Investing in Solar is Becoming Easier
Although the installation of residential solar energy systems has been strong around Australia for several years and the numbers of commercial solar projects and utility scale solar farms are now also growing, until now investors have not had access to these as the growth was not reflected on the ASX. While there is still a lack of exposure to the residential installation market, new options have emerged for commercial scale and utility scale projects. More
After a Big Share Price Fall
A share price can have a sudden big fall when a company announces some bad news or there is bad news in its industry, in the market, or more widely. In the past when I have thought that the news did not affect the company's value I have often bought in, only to find I have bought in too soon and the share price kept falling. Catching the proverbial falling knife too often is not good enough. To become a better investor, I need to get better at understanding these falls and to get better at timing my buys. More
Cleaning China's Water
China has a lot of dirty water, says the chairman of Phoslock Water Solutions, Laurence Freedman. And there is a lot of pressure to clean it, said Zhang Zhigang, the general manager of Beijing BHZQ Environmental Engineering Technology Company (BHZQ). BHZQ is Phoslock's new Chinese partner in cleaning some of this water. More
Cobalt and the Battery Boom
The unfolding energy storage boom is a long way from slowing down and has grown from lithium to other battery metals such as cobalt. The demand for cobalt is projected to grow strongly for years to come and prices for the metal have more than doubled in the last two years - from US$10 to US$25 per pound or about US$55,000 per tonne, and are now at an eight year high. More
Trends in Cleantech, and Companies that Look Interesting
Thank you for the opportunity to talk about Trends in Cleantech, and Some Companies that Look Interesting. The first thing I want to do is take the long view. And on the long view I'm very positive that most trends are heading in the right direction and cleantech has a great future, including for investors. More

Keep Venture Capital Open to Retail Investors
- Submission to ASX: Updating ASX's Admission Requirements for Listed Entities.
Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the ASX's proposed changes to its admission requirements. My comments and suggestions relate to the issues of: the spread test, the assets test, and the $1.5 million minimum requirement for working capital. More

Core Securities
Australia Contributes to Metro Glass Profit
Australian Glass Group, which New Zealand's Metro Performance Glass acquired last September, has contributed to Metro Glass' strong revenue growth and net profit. For the year to 31 March, Metro Glass' revenue grew by 30 per cent to NS$244.3 million, while its New Zealand based revenue grew 14 per cent to NZ$213.8 million. More

Qube Starts Work on Rail Precinct
Qube Holdings has officially commenced construction of its Moorebank Logistics Park, which will be the largest intermodal logistics precinct in Australia. It has also commenced an underwritten $350 million equity raising to help fund the new warehousing and growth expenditure. More
MD and Short Seller Action at Quintis
Drama unfolded at newly rebranded Quintis with the founder and managing director Frank Wilson resigning to join a possible takeover consortium only days after TFS Corporation changed its name to Quintis and a short seller hit the stock and drove the price to a three year low of 97.5 cents. More
Blackmores on Four Corners
Vitamin and mineral companies Swisse and to a lesser extent Blackmores were part of an ABC Four Corners program that was critical of complementary medicines. Although the sales of supplements are strong and growing both in Australia and overseas, the program cast doubt on the level of health benefits, if any, of many of the products. More
New Farming Methods for Tassal
Tassal said it would implement innovative fish farming techniques at Okehampton Bay in Tasmania now that the Marine Farming Planning Review Panel has assessed that the company's lease at the Bay is suitable for salmon farming. More

Four Year High for Sims Metal
There is a very strong correlation between Sims Metal Management's buy and sell prices and the prices of iron ore and coking coal, and ferrous prices on the London Metals Exchange, said Sims' managing director and chief executive officer, Galdino Claro, at the company's annual general meeting. More
Holiday Park Acquisitions for Aspen
Aspen Group's focus is on building a strong affordable accommodations business and re-establishing scale to its business, said chairman, Clive Appleton, at the annual general meeting; and in line with this the company has expanded its tourism portfolio with the acquisition of two new holidays parks. These are BIG4 Koala Shores Holiday Park and BIG4 Tween Waters Holiday Park, both in NSW. More
Tox Free Acquires Medical Waste Business
Hands up all those environmental investors who remember SteriHealth? The medical waste company was delisted in a privatization in 2014 but is now back on the radar as it has been acquired by Tox Free Solutions. In the meantime it changed its name to Daniels Health Australia. The seller is its founder, Dan Daniels. The company's value at the ASX delisting was $34.2 million and its current enterprise value is $186 million, so there has been some growth. More

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Pre-Dividend Securities
Two Share Plunges for Murray River Organics
Murray River Organics' shares lost 75 per cent of their value over May, falling in two major down steps from $1.13 to a low of 28 cents. One of two positives to emerge is the high level of confidence that the board has in the company. On the way down, four directors bought a combined 2,633,300 shares worth $1,009,725 at prices from 66 cents to 36.5 cents. More
Duxton Water Fully Invested
Duxton Water has fully committed the capital it raised in last year's IPO. At 31 March it had invested $63 million in water entitlements or 94 per cent of its portfolio. It has entered into contracts, agreed terms for contracts, or has pending offers for contracts for another $4.4 million of water entitlements. When complete, these will make its portfolio fully invested. More
New Wind Farm for Infigen
Infigen Energy is to build the 113.2 MW Bodangora wind farm near Wellington in New South Wales and has launched an underwritten capital raising of $151 million to pay for the equity component and to possibly refinance its Global Facility and Woodlawn Project Finance Facility. The institutional entitlement offer and the retail entitlement offer are at 89 cents per security. More

Downgrade for Bellamy's Australia
Eco Investor has downgraded Bellamy's Australia to a pre-dividend security as the company will not pay a dividend for the December half year. The company said its cash position was materially impacted by an increase in inventory, so that may be the reason for the lack of a dividend. It anticipates returning to positive free cash-flow by the middle of this half. More
Energy Action Downgraded to Pre-Dividend Security
Eco Investor has downgraded Energy Action to pre-dividend security as the company has suspended its interim dividend following a disappointing profit result. The company said the lack of a dividend was due to the decline in its operating net profit after tax, which fell 45 per cent to $0.8 million. But its net profit was even lower at $0.29 million. More

Infigen Returns to Profit
The takeover inquiry that helped fire Infigen Energy's share price earlier this year is no longer live, but Infigen Energy's managing director, Miles George, said the company remains open to proposals that can add value to shareholders. More

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Pre-Profit Securities
ReNu Energy Steps Up Solar Focus
Having recently added solar energy as a key area of focus for its business, ReNu Energy has moved quickly to build its solar assets with an alliance with a solar projects developer and the purchase of its first solar project. It has also changed its strategy. More

EnviroSuite Sells Consulting Business
EnviroSuite is selling its Pacific Environment Consulting practice to focus on its environmental monitoring and management services. The sale is a big move that dramatically changes EnviroSuite's business. The buyer is Environmental Resources Management (ERM), said to be the world's leading environmental and sustainability consulting group. More

Secos Targets Profitability
Biodegradable and compostable plastics maker Secos Group says it is getting closer to achieving group profitability now that two of its three business units are operating profitably. More
Lighting Efficiency to Order
Commercial and industrial lighting efficiency company Vivid Technology has been indicating it has orders coming down the pipeline and has delivered with orders totaling $300,000 for major retail shopping centres and a financially unspecified order from a ports and logistics company. It has also won an international order. More
All Time High for Clean TeQ
Investors continue to like Clean TeQ's commercialization story with the company's shares reaching an all time high of 94.5 cents on February 27. The high was despite an interim loss announced only days earlier of $8.1 million. Revenue fell to a modest $325,000 and there was a $6.4 million cost for employee expenses of which $4.7 million was share based payments. More
Two More Acquisitions for HRL
HRL Holdings has been growing its environmental laboratory services business through acquisitions and has just closed a capital raising that targeted $8.5 million to pay for two more businesses. A placement raised $2.75 million, but shareholders were cautious and an entitlement offer raised only $0.69 million. Fortunately the offer was underwritten to $5 million so the total shortfall was only $0.77 million. More

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Pre-Revenue Securites
New Market and Products for Algae.Tec
Algae.Tec has entered the medical marihuana market, and launched a range of new algae products for the aquaculture and animal feed markets. More
Australian Vanadium Looking at Residential Battery Market
Australian Vanadium's battery subsidiary VSUN Energy says there is strong demand for a residential scale Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRB) for the Australian market, and it is undertaking a study into developing a local residential product. VSUN Energy has received over 80 requests for domestic storage devices since its start up a year ago. More
World Solar Record for Dyesol
Dyesol partner Solliance has achieved a world record for perovskite solar cell photovoltaic technology on industrially applicable roll-to-roll processes of 12.6 per cent conversion efficiency at the cell level. The partners said the results pave the way towards an accelerated market introduction of this new source of renewable energy. More
Recycling Cobalt From Lithium Batteries
Recovering cobalt from lithium ion batteries used in consumer electronic devices may be a step closer with Neometals saying that proof of scale test work at its facilities in Montreal, Canada supports the business case to accelerate the commercialization of the technology. The test work was on 100 kilograms of spent lithium ion laptop and phone batteries containing an average of 19.8 per cent cobalt. More

Next Step for BluGlass Evaluation
BluGlass and its industry partner Lumileds are moving to phase II evaluation of BluGlass' RPCVD technology for some specific LED applications following the successful delivery of the Phase I technical milestones. More

Carnegie Now A Different Company
Carnegie Clean Energy is a different company from what it was as Carnegie Wave Energy and the difference is now reflected in its share price which in late January hit an eight year high of 8.8 cents. Only three months earlier in mid September it was 2.4 cents. More


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Environmental Markets Opportunity
It's not often an investment presents itself which concurrently generates both high financial and environmental returns. Today I am writing about an investment which is focused upon ticking both of these boxes, EnviroCap (short for Environmental Capital). EnviroCap is aiming to establish a market leading position within Australia's environmental investment sector... More


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