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August 2014 edition

Beacon Lighting Sells Energy Efficiency
There is an old investor saying that you should visit a company before investing in it and, while it is not always possible, the occasions where I’ve visited a firm or even just driven by have always been interesting. Beacon Lighting piqued my interest because I’ve seen a few lighting shops over the years and was curious how it compares and how much of its product line is related to energy efficiency...

Initial Public Offering
First Organic Food Listing
Environmental investors have the choice of something different with the first listing of an organic food company, Bellamy’s Australia Ltd, which is due to list on the ASX on 5 August after seeking to raise $25 million at $1 per share in a fully underwritten IPO...

Core Securities
Ethically Screened Funds Beat Their Indices
Two Screened Index Models run by ethical investment adviser Ethinvest are performing well.
The Ethinvest ASX50 Screened Index Model returned 20.39 per cent for the past year and 17.43 per cent since inception, beating the S&P/ASX 50 Accumulation Index by 3.1 per cent and 4.98 per cent respectively. Read More

Pre-Dividend Securities
Sims’ Shares Make Strong Recovery
Sims Metal Management’s shares have made a strong recovery since 23 July when the company announced the results of its strategic review and a five year plan. In less than a week the shares rose from $10.16 to a two year high of $11.99, an increase of $1.83 or 18 per cent. Read More

Pre-Profit Securities
Acquisition for Aeris Environmental
Aeris Environmental has acquired the business of Smartcool Systems Australia Pty Ltd, giving it an expanded offering in the energy efficiency sector. Smartcool had turnover in the past year of over $1 million, which should assist Aeris’ struggling financials...

Pre-Revenue Securities
Environmental Acquisition for Hot Rock
Hot Rock’s share price leapt to a one year high of 10 cents on news it is to acquire an environmental consulting and hazardous materials analytical laboratory company, OCTIEF Pty Ltd. Hot Rock’s geothermal energy progress is slow and it has been looking for an acquisition. It is good news for environmental investors that that acquisition is also an environmental business...

Eco Securities Data
A round-up of the month's highs and lows for environmental share prices, director buying and selling, and movements by substantial shareholders. It also includes the quarterly Cash Positions of Speculative Environmental Stocks...

Unlisted Companies
Angels Give Big Help to Start-ups
Back in February 2010 Eco Investor suggested that the Federal Government commence an angel coinvestment fund along the lines of those in New Zealand and Scotland; had it done so Australian start-ups might be enjoying the sort of support and growth that New Zealand start-ups are enjoying. The New Zealand Government’s Seed Coinvestment Fund is now investing over NZ$5 million a year into start-ups alongside angel investors, and recently invested into its 115th company. Read More

Industry Focus
Little Hope for Local Geothermal Energy
The long term outlook for Australian geothermal energy is poor with an Australian Renewable Energy
Agency report saying “Utility-scale power generation from geothermal projects is not cost competitive in 2014 and is not expected to be cost competitive in 2020.”...

International Companies
Europe A Mixed Bag for Environmental Investors
Europe is currently a mixed bag for environmental investors, with big solar gaining interest from large investors and unlisted solar gaining interest from private equity, but unlisted early stage renewable energy companies are still struggling for venture capital...

Land Corridors Getting Longer
Private land owners are playing an increasingly important role in helping to grow and connect Australia’s land conservation estate and wildlife corridors. Some recent example are biodiversity hotspots in Western Australia and Victoria and wildlife reserves in Canberra. Read More

Fixed Interest
Green Fixed Interest Market Doing Well
The global universe of climate-themed bonds has grown to at least US$502.6 billion, says the annual State of the Market report from Climate Bonds Initiative and the HSBC Climate Change Centre of Excellence. Last year the estimated universe was US$346 billion...

First Wholesale Clean Energy Infrastructure Fund
The ever-creative Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has committed up to $80 million as a cornerstone investor to help establish Australia’s first unlisted direct infrastructure investment fund for clean energy, the CFS Australian Clean Energy Infrastructure Fund...

And many more stories...

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July 2014 edition

LEDs Can Slash Your Total Lighting Wattage
LED lighting has arrived and it can slash the power needed to light your property. In my case, I’ve just reduced the total lighting wattage for our home by two thirds - from 3,144 Watts to 1,033 Watts. The reduction in the high use areas such as kitchen, dining, lounge and bedrooms is even more dramatic - from 2,825 Watts to 735 Watts or 74 per cent. Read More...

Core Securities
Big Numbers Coming for TFS Corporation
Starting 2016 TFS Corporation will see much bigger harvests from its Indian sandalwood plantations that will be probably be at least six times bigger than this year’s harvest, said chief executive Frank Wilson. Meanwhile, the company has upgraded its expected net profit after tax for 2013-14 to at least $70 million, which would be a record.

Pre-Dividend Securities
Restructuring for Sims Recycling Solutions
Sims Metal Management is restructuring its Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS) business and has decided that a substantial part of SRS in the UK and all of SRS in Canada are no longer long-term core assets. SRS is an e-recycling business that offers a recycling service for end of life electrical and electronic equipment...

Pre-Profit Securities
Harley Davidson To Launch Electric Motorcycle
Electric scooter maker Vmoto may have some future competition, future help or both from Harley-Davidson, which has developed an electric motorcycle under its Project LiveWire. Harley-Davidson is working with consumers across the US to gain insights on rider expectations from the project and to shape Harley-Davidson’s first electric motorcycle. Read More...

Pre-Revenue Securities
Steel Roofing with Photovoltaics and Heating
Dyesol could have some competition in the early stage built-in photovoltaics market with BlueScope Steel completely replacing the roof on a home in the Sydney suburb of Glebe with what it says is the first integrated PV thermal system in Australia. The roof combines steel roofing with cutting-edge thin-film solar panels, and is generating reliable renewable energy for the residents. Read More...


Eco Securities Data
A round-up of the month's highs and lows for environmental share prices, director buying and selling, and movements by substantial shareholders...


Unlisted Companies
Solar Storage Solution Gets Venture Capital

The Southern Cross Renewable Energy Fund has invested US$7 million ($7.6 million) in US distributed energy storage company Sunverge Energy as part of a US$15 million Series B funding round that includes the Venture Capital Unit of Siemens and Total Energy Ventures...

International Companies
International Income from Yieldcos
Investors looking for income from international cleantech stocks have new options with the recent rise of clean energy yieldcos - yield companies that hold established or working assets and pay regular dividends. A rising number of yieldcos have held successful IPOs with the most recent being Abengoa Yield plc on Nasdaq...

Fixed Interest
Mighty River Proceeds with Bond
Mighty River Power is raising NZ$300 million through a capital bond offer to the New Zealand public. The initial target was NZ$250 million with an option to accept up to another NZ$50 million of oversubscriptions, but this looks like being met as the bookbuild received orders for NZ$280 million and another NZ$20 million has been set aside for the New Zealand public...

Coal-less Super the Prefered Way
Sixty seven per cent of Australians say they would switch to a bank or superfund that did not invest in fossil fuels, says a study by Australian Ethical Investment...

And many more stories...

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