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Video: Interview with Damien Lynch, managing director of August Investments

Eco Investor editor Victor Bivell interviews Damien Lynch, Australia's most experienced environmental investor, about environmental investment in Australia. View Here

Manufactured Homes and Sustainable Housing
Achieving more sustainable housing is an important environmental ambition as it reduces both the amount of unsustainable materials needed and the carbon footprint of the buildings. More
Huge Report on Sustainability of Bioenergy
A massive 779 page report says bioenergy can be sustainable. It has contributions from 137 researchers from 82 institutions in 24 countries. More
Managing Tax Breaks for the Rich
The aim of the Federal Government's Tax Discussion Paper is to encourage public debate about how to simplify the tax system so everyone pays their fair share of tax and the government can afford to provide the services that people want. More
The Power of Ethical Consumers
One of the most interesting articles I read over the summer holidays was a piece about how a group of young Sicilians have been able to do what "police, the courts and politicians have been largely unable to do for over a century – stop the Mafia". They did it by starting a campaign called... More

Ethical Financial Advisers Near $1 Billion
Australia's ethical financial advisers now manage $910 million for clients with their ethically screened funds under management growing by 18 per cent last year. More

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Core Securities
More Downside from Energy Action
Energy Action's shares continued their downward trend by plunging 44 per cent or 87 cents to an all time low of $1.11 after the company downgraded its earnings forecast for the full year. More
Tassal to Expand Into Other Seafoods
Tassal Group's shares fell 42 cents or 12 per cent in the space of seven days, with not much news in between. A couple of days earlier the company released its sustainability report, which was detailed and positive. More
Environmental Investments Pay, Says August Investments
February 2015 was one of the best months ever for the increase in shareholder value for August Investments. Managing director Damien Lynch said " So far this financial year, our share valuation (adjusted for the dividend in December) is up 15.3 per cent. Who says green investments don't pay?". More
Great Profit Season Shows Companies' Trends
Profit season is great for sorting the sheep from the goats and this season's interim results clearly group most of the core cleantech stocks into three groups: strong winners, those marking time, and those that have issues and went backwards. More

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Speculative Securities
Technology and Commercialization Changes at Dyesol
Dyesol has come a long way since its IPO featured in Eco Investor's first issue in 2005. The big changes have been in the development of its technology and its path to commercialization. More
Infigen Benefits From RET Talk
Infigen Energy's shares touched a three year high of 34 cents on 4 May. There was little company news so a likely cause may have been media talk that many of the participants in the debate over the large scale Renewable Energy Target would be happy to compromise at a target of 33,000 GWh. More
Bellamy's to Beat Prospectus Forecasts
Organic baby food maker Bellamy's Australia expects to exceed its prospectus forecasts for 2014-15. If the momentum continues in Australia and China and normal formula ingredient supply arrangements, it expects the business will exceed its prospectus forecast for sales and for net profit by 20 per cent each. More

Cardia Bioplastics Now SECOS Group
The merger of Cardia Bioplastics with Stellar Films to form SECOS Group is a positive development for environmental investors. SECOS is double the size of what it was as Cardia and it remains the only ASX-listed stock that is focused on sustainable packaging. More

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Unlisted Companies

Private Equity Acquires Solar Installer
Private equity group Anchorage Capital Partners has completed the acquisition of photovoltaic installer Mark Group Australia Pty Ltd (MGA). MGA is a market leader in PV installations with operations across Australia. More

Australian Tyre Recycler in Edison Awards

A green technology company that recycles old car and truck tyres was Australia's first finalist in the Edison Awards, and a bronze winner when the awards were announced in New York in April. The Edison Awards are claimed to be the world's top award for innovation. More
New Plastics Recycling Technology
A new technology called PolyWaste that can cost-effectively turn used plastics including low grade plastics and film that go to landfill into a substance that can be extruded into affordable but high quality products is being commercialized by Newtecpoly Pty Ltd. More
Is this the Future for Tyre Recycling?
A company soon to list on ASSOB has developed patented and proven technology that addresses the major international problem of how to manage and recycle waste tyres. More

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Office Trust to Make Buildings Sustainable
Real estate fund manager EG Funds Management is establishing an unlisted $400 million wholesale fund with a portfolio of sustainable office buildings and has secured the Clean Energy Finance Corporation as a cornerstone investor for up to $125 million. More
Investing in Home Insulation Saves Money
Australian homes have poor thermal insulation so there is plenty of room for improvement, says Energy Freedom, a group of leading renewable energy and energy efficiency companies and organizations. In fact, Australian homes are among the world's worst. More

Finance for Building and Energy Upgrades

Property owners are among the winners from a new $120 million program that can help to significantly reduce energy costs in buildings. The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is providing the capital through the National Australia Bank (NAB) to encourage businesses to cut their energy and operating costs and lift business performance. More

Panasonic Home Battery and Storage Trials
Panasonic has launched a Residential Storage Battery System and set up pilot projects with energy retailers ActewAGL, Snowy Hydro's Red Energy and Ergon Energy to install the battery in homes with solar power. More


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Fixed Interest

Green Bond Guidelines for Real Estate
Guidelines on what constitute green bonds for investors in the real estate sector have been released. While the market in Australia for such bonds is undeveloped at present, local investors may still find the guidelines useful when looking at investments in real estate investment trusts. More

ANZ Bank's First Green Bond
ANZ Bank has raised $600 million in its first green bond, which the bank said is the largest climate related bond so far by an Australian issuer. It was primarily taken up by Australian institutional investors as well as funds in Asia. More


Stockland Issues Corporate Green Bond
Listed property giant Stockland has issued what it says is Australia's first corporate green bond. The proceeds of the EUR 300 million bond will be used to help fund eligible environmentally sustainable retail, commercial, residential and retirement living projects. More

How Interest Rates Affect Fixed Interest Funds
A handy guide to how changes in interest rates will affect the value of a fixed interest fund is the concept of duration. Understanding this idea will help investors to know how much the value of their units could go up or down when official interest rates change. More

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Australian Super Funds Still Lead on Carbon
Australia's Local Government Super fund ranked number one in the world index for pro- actively managing climate risk, says the annual Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) which aims to protect the investments held by the world's largest asset owners from the risks of climate change. More

Super Switch Compares Fossil Fuels in Super
Investors who want to know how exposed their superannuation fund is to fossil fuels or who want to compare super funds' fossil fuel exposure can use the new Super Switch service, which analyzes super fund exposure to the fossil fuel industry through Australian and international shares. More

Fossil Fuel Free Super Fund
Future Super is a new superannuation fund that is claiming to be Australia's first fossil fuel free super fund. Along with this negative screen, it also has a positive screen to fund activities that make a positive impact on the environment and community. More

HESTA Limits Thermal Coal Investments
Joining the growing list of institutional investors reducing their exposure to coal investments is superannuation fund HESTA, which has begun to progressively restrict its investments in thermal coal across all its investment options. More

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International Shares

First ETF for YieldCos
The first exchange traded fund (ETF) to provide investors with access to yieldcos has been launched by Global X Funds, a New York-based provider of ETFs. The Global X YieldCo Index ETF (Nasdaq: YLCO) aims to provide investment results that generally correspond to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the Indxx Global YieldCo Index. More